3481 Utica Ridge Rd

Bettendorf, IA 52722



In order to provide our patients with improved services, Beckwith Chiropractic Neurology continues to enhance our presence around the Quad Cities with the opening of our new office in Bettendorf, Iowa.


“Dr. Beckwith has this slogan:
‘Our diagnosis is the difference.’
I would say, ‘It sure is.’ ” My first appointment with him took about two hours. I couldn’t believe it. He asked me about a hundred questions about my health – called it a “history”. Then the doctor put me through the most unusual physical I’ve ever had. I was in the Army and my induction physical was superficial by comparison. I can’t begin to remember all of the things he tested. Some of them were my balance, eye movement, blood pressure and both arms at once. He also told me to move a lot of different ways. Like I said, most unusual.”

Gerald, Bettendorf

Letter From Dr. Beckwith

Patients come to me because they’re in pain, or because they suffer from vertigo, migraines, fibromyalgia or another condition. Their medical history and our exam, taken together, help us find the cause of their pain.  Often, it’s a change in function of a part of the body.

Our exams are more thorough than a patient might get elsewhere because we want to identify the exact source of that change in function.  Does the change occur in the brain, cerebellum, brain stem or spinal cord?

When we find the source of the change, then we can determine how to treat that patient – and return them to a more normal life.