Patient Financial Assistance

Beckwith Chiropractic Neurology accepts most insurance plans, including Medicare.

With our expertise in working with numerous health insurance providers, we eliminate the worry – and often confusion – of trying to figure co-pays, deductions, exclusions and myriad other complications for our patients.

Michelle, our insurance expert, compares your individualized treatment plan to your insurance provider’s coverage for each service within your treatment plan. Because she “speaks their language”, she knows how to ask the right questions and interpret the nuances of policies to accurately estimate what your insurance will pay, and the amount that is your responsibility as the patient.

Michelle works with each patient to establish a payment plan, if necessary, so there are no “surprises” for you. We accept personal checks, cash and most credit cards.

Our patient promise

Our ultimate goal: to improve your health.

  • We move forward with treatment only if there is a high likelihood of significantly improving your health
  • If we do not think we can adequately treat you, we will not waste your time. We will refer you to another highly qualified healthcare professional.
  • If your condition is severe enough to merit going to the ER, we will call 911 or drive you there ourselves.
  • As progress is made, we will continually re-evaluate your treatment and make any necessary change.
  • We will tell you when you have improved as much as possible and no longer need corrective care.
  • One final promise: If you miss an appointment because of an emergency, we understand and will reschedule you when you’re ready – no problem!